DeHydr8 is bringing newly developed, advanced technology to the cannabis industry.

Technology focused on advancing the edible, infused beverage,
topical, tincture, sublingual, and concentrate markets.

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DeHydr8 is creating cannabis 2.0 through patented and proven technology.

The advantages of our licensed IP (DehydraTECH™) include but are not limited to:

  • A more consistent, predictable high-performance experience.
  • Higher potency
  • Higher yield
  • Significantly extended storage life of valuable extracts

DehydraTECH™ aids in delivering the
way active ingredients enter the bloodstream.

This technology aids in delivering a host of competitive advantages, providing better, more predictable cannabis experiences for consumers. Findings from extensive scientific studies include:

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Increased bioavailability to equate to blood absorption by inhalational delivery.


Increased brain permeation through a more bioavailable delivery system.


Reduced time of onset. Effects are felt on average within 8 mins vs. 60 to 120 minutes.


Masks unwanted tastes. Eliminating the need for sugar-filled edibles.

DeHydr8 In A Nutshell

DehydraTECH™ offers consumers a new experience that other edible, topical and tincture manufacturers cannot.

  • Faster absorption
  • Faster onset
  • More predictable experience
  • Better off-ramp
  • Microdosing

DeHydr8’s Impact

The benefits are obvious: a person requiring 10mg of a substance in order to achieve a desired outcome would have to consume 200mg of that substance if the bioavailability is only 5%. But raise the bioavailability rate to 30%, and the necessary consumption level drops to just 33mg. This is a massive reduction in intake with a lower risk of over-dosage and leads to a potentially lighter workload on the liver accompanied by certain reductions in waste and consumer cost.

The degree and speed of CBD absorption into blood plasma was tested in a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study in healthy human volunteers comparing a 90 mg CBD dose of a capsule formulation powered by its patented DehydraTECH™ absorption and palatability enhancing technology to a concentration-matched control formulation without DehydraTECH™ incorporation.

Key Study Highlights Were As Follows:

The safety and effectiveness of the DehydraTECH technology has been studied in a series of controlled and well designed in vitro, in vivo studies, examining factors such as total bioabsorption directly and indirectly through surrogate biomarkers, time to onset of effectiveness, flavor appeal and quality of effectiveness.

Results from this study were compared to the findings from a Mount Sinai study* previously conducted with orally administered CBD furnished by market leader GW Pharmaceuticals LLC (maker of FDA-approved Epidiolex), suggesting that DehydraTECH™ delivered over 900% more CBD to the blood in the first 30 min than the GW formulation on a concentration-adjusted basis.

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