About DeHydr8

DeHydr8 Changing the Cannabis Industry by applying patented technology to the C-Suite, THC, Distillates and Isolates.

DeHydr8 | Our Team

DeHydr8’s Leadership Team

This team of legal experts, seasoned marketers, and health and wellness “cannapreneurs” are bringing Cannabis 3.0 to the marketplace. We are focused on fast acting, predictable and stable experiences where science (bioavailability) means more than size (milligrams). We bring premium biotech to suppliers, manufacturers and retailers in the cannabis industry.

Todd Webber

Todd Webber Founder

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Jessica Webber

Jessica Webber Co-Founder

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Marc Seyburn

Marc Seyburn Co-Founder

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Craig Aronoff

Craig Aronoff Co-Founder

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