Why DeHydr8?

Dehydr8 is a versatile and category leading performance solution to improve bioabsorption, taste and efficacy. Compounds processed using the technology become masked to oral and olfactory receptors, rendering them essentially flavorless and odorless giving customers a superior experience.





More Predictable


Bio Available


Benefits of DeHydr8


Superior DehydraTECH™ products’ superiority is derived from a laboratory tested process which does NOT rely on achieving smaller sized particles in order to deliver absorption enhancing benefits. As such, the process does not employ the ingredients or methods commonly used in nanotechnology, thereby making DehydraTECH™ a distinct and superior process compared to these types of formulations. Nanotechnology refers to the process of increasing absorption in the body through shrinking particle sizes; this is NOT a natural or effective way to deliver THC or CBD to the body. DeHydraTECH patented process creates a process allowing absorption that is safe, effective, predictable and fast acting. It should be noted that DehydraTECH™ processed cannabinoids do exhibit emulsion properties that contribute to their enhanced intestinal absorption. However, this is a result of our superior, patented process. For clarification and differentiation, DehydraTECH can be referred to as a self-emulsifying drug delivery system (SEDDS).


Reduces time of onset Many prescription drugs and active ingredients require 60-120 minutes to transit the stomach, intestine and liver on their journey to the bloodstream. DeHydraTECH reduces this time of onset to just minutes; tested and validated in less than 15 minutes with an on average 8 minute onset.


Increases Bioabsorption Patented DeHydraTECH ™ technology improves the way active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) enter the bloodstream. This patented technology increases bio absorption to the bloodstream by as much as 500% and crossing the blood brain barrier at 1,900%. Delivering major advantages such as faster onset, a more predictable cannabis experience for the consumers and preservation of valuable terpenes found in extracts. These massive improvements open new possibilities for classes of drugs such as antiviral, non-combusted nicotine and more. DeHydraTECH delivers molecules through the lymphatic system instead of being subject to immediate “first pass” liver exposure, potentially mitigating unwanted side effects.


Masks Taste & Odor Eliminates the strong tastes/odors of lipophilic compounds, without the need for unwanted sugar, sweeteners or bitter blockers found in most products. For consumer-packaged goods, the avoidance of artificial or excessive sweeteners or flavoring agents can have a major impact on consumer acceptance.