Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to answer all your questions.

Your Answers to All Things:

1How do I know if a product is manufactured in association with DeHydr8?
DeHydr8 logo
Look for our DeHydr8 logo! Along with: POWERED BY Lexaria Bio-science
2Is there any science behind DeHydr8?
Yes! We are the only one in the market pharmaceutically backed. Please visit our website to learn more about DehydraTECH, the science behind DeHydr8, and the many patents that protect the technology.
3What makes DeHydr8 unique?
DeHydr8 products are faster, more predictable, and taste amazing! Most edibles on the market can take up to 1-2 hours after consumption for effect. DeHydr8 infused products have an average time of onset within 15 minutes! Current edibles in the market are filled with sugars to mask bitter tastes and often have poor flavor profiles. They are also slow to be absorbed by the body and are filled with preservatives to keep them from melting in warm conditions. DeHydr8 offers a clean label with no need for added sugars or “anti-melting” preservatives. We are gluten free and vegan! With DeHydr8, consumers can now enjoy the best tasting, most predictable and most enjoyable products in the market.
4What products are being made with DeHydr8?
DeHydr8 can be found in our edibles such as gummies, chocolates, hard candies. You can also find it in beverages, mix sticks, sport topicals, dermal creams, burn creams, tinctures, pressed tablets, and more. Please see the “Product Locator” tab on our website to see our partners and find the product or experience you’re looking for at a dispensary near you! Just look for our logo and enjoy with confidence!
5How long after using a DeHydr8 product will I feel the effects?
DehydraTECH infused products have an average time of onset within 15 minutes! This means a predictable and reliable product that you can enjoy with confidence.
6Is smoking cannabis quicker then consuming a DeHydr8 product?
DeHydr8 shatters the belief that smoking always affects you faster than edibles. With our infused products, effects are felt on average within 15 minutes. With DeHydr8, you can get a cleaner high without the negative side effects of smoking!
7What are the manufacturing benefits of using DeHydr8 for your products?
The benefits of using DeHydr8 to positively impact your brand, grow your operation, and give your customers a product they will love are endless. Increased bioavailability offers a significant decrease in manufacturing costs. The fast-acting active ingredient is proven to be shelf stable, not losing efficacy after many years. Your consumers will have a trusted and superior product with a clean label and pharmaceutically backed, patented technology. All of these benefits, plus more will positively impact your brand, grow your operation, and give your customers a product they will love!
8Does DeHydr8 make a beverage?
No, we do not currently offer a cannabis infused beverage. For now, we offer great tasting, powdered flavor packs (just add water). We also offer flavorless packs that you can add to a non-alcoholic beverage of choice.
9Do cannabis topicals work better with DeHydr8?
Yes! DeHydr8 infused topicals are faster acting and more permeable than oil infused topicals.
10What is Bio availability?
A substance will only take effect if it can be absorbed by the body. Bioavailability is a measure of how much an API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) can access the bloodstream. DeHydr8 products have a higher bioavailability than standard products which means you don’t need as large of a dose to reach your desired experience or effect. The bioavailability of most edibles on the market is less than 5%. DeHydr8 infused edibles have a more similar bioavailability to that of inhalation (30-40%).
11Is DeHydr8 considered a nanoemulsified product?
Our products are NOT created using nanoemulsification. Nanoemulsifiaction refers to the process of increasing absorption in the body through shrinking particle sizes. This is NOT a natural or effective way to deliver THC or CBD to the body. DeHydr8 products use a patented self-emulsifying drug delivery system (SEDDS) to create a natural way to enter the body as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). This makes it safe, effective, predictable and faster acting. Although our powders exhibit small sized particles through our scientifically backed and patented process, the technology does NOT rely on achieving smaller sized particles to deliver benefits in the way other technologies do.
12Can you manage pain better with DeHydr8 enhanced cannabis products?
Yes! DeHydr8 technology that is found in topical pain products are faster acting and more effective at a lower concentration than other cannabis dermal creams. Ingestible cannabis pain products using Dehydr8 are also faster acting, more effective and predictable than those without DeHydr8.