About DeHydr8

DeHydr8 Changing the Cannabis Industry by applying patented technology to the C-Suite, THC, Distillates and Isolates.

DeHydr8 | Our Team | Jessica Webber

DeHydr8’s Leadership Team

This team of legal experts, seasoned marketers, and health and wellness “cannapreneurs” are bringing Cannabis 3.0 to the marketplace. We are focused on fast acting, predictable and stable experiences where science (bioavailability) means more than size (milligrams). We bring premium biotech to suppliers, manufacturers and retailers in the cannabis industry.

Jessica Webber

Jessica Webber is the driving force of DeHydr8’s operational focus and executional detail. Her experience as a seasoned sales and marketing professional along with her creative mindset as an artist brings a unique skillset to Dehydr8 and the cannabis industry as a whole. Her most recent digital marketing experience has evolved into developing a marketing platform for the cannabis space (WeedStreetNow), focused on helping MSO, VIO, and retail/provisioning storefronts execute on their marketing strategies, social platforms, product development and packaging. The exploding cannabis marketplace along with Jessica’s lifelong interest in the holistic approach to plant based medicine to maintain health, has lead her on the journey to becoming a co-founder in Dehydr8.