About DeHydr8

DeHydr8 Changing the Cannabis Industry by applying patented technology to the C-Suite, THC, Distillates and Isolates.

DeHydr8 | Our Team | Jessica Webber

DeHydr8’s Leadership Team

This team of legal experts, seasoned marketers, and health and wellness “cannapreneurs” are bringing Cannabis 3.0 to the marketplace. We are focused on fast acting, predictable and stable experiences where science (bioavailability) means more than size (milligrams). We bring premium biotech to suppliers, manufacturers and retailers in the cannabis industry.

Jessica Webber

Jessica Webber is Co-founder and one of the driving forces of DeHydr8’s operations team. As an experienced retail and marketing professional, Jessica spent numerous years as a buyer along with being immersed in promotional strategy and brand initiatives with large retail brands. Her vast experience has provided a deep understanding of the retail landscape from cost analysis, inventory management, team leadership, with a customer-centric approach pivoting directly to product loyalty. Jessica has integrated a seamless blend of creativity, analytical acumen, and knowledge of cannabis compliance regulation to assist in product development, packaging design and brand strategy. Her focus assures that all industry requirements are met while driving consumer engagement that aides in breaking through the stigma associated with the industry. Jessica’s brand building efforts continue with her endeavor to create awareness around cannabis, fostering positive perceptions that resonate with patients and consumers in a dynamic cannabis marketplace. Her professional experience along with an enduring interest in the holistic approach to plant-based medicine has positioned Jessica as an integral part and COO within the company.