About DeHydr8

DeHydr8 Changing the Cannabis Industry by applying patented technology to the C-Suite, THC, Distillates and Isolates.

DeHydr8 | Our Team | Marc Seyburn

DeHydr8’s Leadership Team

This team of legal experts, seasoned marketers, and health and wellness “cannapreneurs” are bringing Cannabis 3.0 to the marketplace. We are focused on fast acting, predictable and stable experiences where science (bioavailability) means more than size (milligrams). We bring premium biotech to suppliers, manufacturers and retailers in the cannabis industry.

Marc Seyburn

Marc Seyburn, of Seyburn Law Group, PLLC. is a seasoned and dynamic Cannabis attorney who has a unique skill set as a result of earning degrees in both law and accounting. Marcs diverse legal experiences include, tax planning, compliance and structuring estate planning and probate business counseling. Through his experience, Marc understands the multi-state tax structures and compliance issues within the cannabis industry and navigates them safely. He has also formed numerous limited liability companies and prepared operating agreements for multi-million dollar transactions ranging from real estate developments, acquisitions, manufacturing business, service business, holding companies, technology companies and family-owned entities. Marc’s knowledge and expertise has lead him to being a Co-founder in Dehydr8.