About DeHydr8

DeHydr8 Changing the Cannabis Industry by applying patented technology to the C-Suite, THC, Distillates and Isolates.

DeHydr8 | Our Team | Todd Webber

DeHydr8’s Leadership Team

This team of legal experts, seasoned marketers, and health and wellness “cannapreneurs” are bringing Cannabis 3.0 to the marketplace. We are focused on fast acting, predictable and stable experiences where science (bioavailability) means more than size (milligrams). We bring premium biotech to suppliers, manufacturers and retailers in the cannabis industry.

Todd Webber

Todd Webber, the founder of DeHydr8 is a serial entrepreneur, digital media guy, and business development enthusiast. He has been in the interactive marketing and digital space since graduating Michigan State University School of Law in 1997. He has been a part of executive management teams, a partner and a founder in 11 different Start-Ups since 1999. Todd is passionate about growing teams, creating unique cultures, and making sure all team members feel the individual and collective responsibility of building business. Todd’s driving spirit and enthusiasm guides the team’s corporate development, new state growth and overall business strategy. His entrepreneurial experience is a perfect fit for meeting the ever evolving needs found in the cannabis industry.